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Social Studies 5C & 5D
Instructor: Mrs. Doray   
Many of our social studies lessons are integrated with English Language Arts activities, such as reading historical fiction journals. Our journey into the past will allow us to gain an understanding of life many years before our modern era.

In addition to our nonfiction reading we will use poems, songs, journals and plays to help us understand the lives of those who lived long ago.

Videos and Podcasts
Class Announcements
European Exploration Test
We will have our test on Tuesday, November 25 on European Exploration. Students should use their two-column notes for studying. We are also creating game boards in class as a study tool. These will be brought home by Friday for at-home study.The information can be found in the textbook in Chapter 3.
It took many hours for teachers to put together our MCAS video for our wonderful OMS students. A special thanks goes to Mr. Doig. We are so happy you all LOVED it! With such a great group of students in 5C and 5D, I already know you will do a fabulous job and make your parents as proud of your learning as I am. Use this link to see it again and share with your families.

Link to Publisher of our Textbook
When you click on the link on the right side of the page below, you will connect with a page from the publisher of our social studies textbook.
Discussion Topics
Blog Entry Middle School Posted: Monday, August 27, 2012 at 1:47 PM Discuss
Class Files
 5C 5D Newsletter Winter 2013.pdf
5C and 5D Winter 2013 Newsletter
 American Government Fill.docx
American Government Scavenger Hunt
 American Government Word Bank.docx
American Government Word Bank
 American Revolution Study Guide.doc
Here is the American Revolution study guide.
 Ancient Maya Daily Life 1-10.doc
Use the Ancient Maya Daily Life information to answer these questions. The link is found under Useful Learning Links. This assignment counts as both a social studies and non-fiction reading grade.
 Ancient Maya Daily Life 11-20.doc
Read about Ancient Maya Daily Life found under Useful Learning Links on the lower left side of the web page. This assignment counts as both a social studies and non-fiction reading grade.
 At-Home Study Parent Discussion Slip.docx
Please review your academic success with an adult family member. Next, make a plan of the specific topics upon which you need to focus. For example, state division, not math or Vikings, not social studies.
 At-Home Study Plan Parent Letter.docx
This is the letter sent to families introducing and explaining the at-home study plan. Please note, students are required to complete one project for each month. However, we strongly suggest the completion of one for each of the four subjects: math, science, social studies and English Language Arts. Each completed project will earn a participation grade of 100.
 At-Home Study Topics and Activities.docx
Here is the list of academic topics we will study in grade five this year along with a list of suggested activities. Please keep in mind, families may add to the list of activities as long as those activities address appropriate curriculum topics.
 Awesome Aztecs.ppt
Read about the Aztecs to compare and contrast this civilization with the Maya people.
 Big Ten Explorers.ppt
Here is a PowerPoint on 10 explorers.
 Bill of Rights Anticipation Guide.doc
What do you know about citizens' rights? Respond to these statements before and after learning about the Bill of Rights.
 Bill of Rights in Simple Language.doc
This item presents the First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution in easy-to-understand language.
 Bill of Rights Match Game Questions with Answers.doc
Check your answers on your knowledge about citizens' rights. No Cheating! Try the questions on your own first.
 Bill of Rights Match Game Questions.doc
Test your knowledge about the Bill of Rights by reading these scenarios and answering questions. Tell which amendment you have learned about to explain your decision.
 Bill of Rights Rap Talent Contest.doc
You be the judge. Use this template to score the Bill of Rights rappers. Who do you think created the best multimedia presentation?
 Bill of Rights Video Clips.dot
You be the judge. Watch these clips to decide the best video.
 Cereal Box Checklist.doc
This is the checklist for our American Revolution projects that will be presented using cereal boxes.
 Chapter 5 Links for Review Questions.doc
Click on these links to review some Chapter 5 topics.
 Colonial Times in America.doc
These questions check your understanding of the colonial life in New England.
 Grade Five Summer Reading Historical Fiction Options 2009.doc
This is a list of historical fiction books based on topics listed in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. These books can be read throughout the school year to enhance learning of content material. The books are arranged in order of Lexile levels. Incoming students should have received their Lexile scores from their fourth grade teachers. Students should select books in their Lexile range for summer reading. Books are to be chosen at parent discretion for content, readability, etc.
 homework alternatives letter.docx
Here is the letter sent to parents in November of 2012 explaining the at-home study plan.
 Massachusetts Bay Colony.doc
Massachusetts Bay Colony
 Maya Mathematics.docx
Try using this Maya math at home.
 Maya powerpoint.pptx
This Maya PowerPoint has interesting info.
 Mayflower II.doc
Mayflower II Photos & Info
 Middle Atlantic Colonies.doc
Open your social studies books to find the answers to these 50 questions.
 Multiple Intelligences Survey.docx
Take this survey to learn the many ways you are smart!
 New England Map 1634.doc
Here is a map of Massachusetts from the 1630s. See how some of the place names were spelled: Cape Codd, New Plymouth Baye, etc.
 Oxford Web Sites.doc
Here are links to websites containing information about other Oxfords along with a guide to organize your information.
 Reminder for Acceptable Grade Five Work.doc
Please show what you know about good writing skills!
 Ship Web Pages.doc
Click on these links to learn more about the historical ships we have been studying.
 Social Studies 3D Project.doc
Social Studies 3D Project Notes
 Student Newsletter Spring 2011.pdf
Spring Student Newsletter 2011
 Study Island Lessons.doc
These are the Study Island ELA Lessons we will be working on this year.
Read social studies pages 56-63 to answer these fill-in-the-blank questions.
 Thirteen Colonies Scavenger Hunt.doc
Check out the set of questions. Then read the information following to answer those questions.
 Vikings Information with Question Set.docx
Read about the Vikings then answer the questions.
 Winter Newsletter 2011.pdf
Here is a copy of our winter newsletter. The students worked in pairs to write, edit and type their own work.

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